Games Elements

This part of Scratch for Your Kids, has Mathemagic and Arithmetricks to make learning fun. Click the resource links or PDFs to add unplugged ideas to this list of 18. Have scissors and paper handy. Make great use of the Ready Steady Code grids, the last two backdrops in the library. There are ideas for kids of 10 or older to code Maths fun for the younger ones. Parents, Teachers, Supervisors! You don’t need to know much Scratch, to use the ready-made Scratch interactives to help the kids with tricky learning concepts. Use visual thinking with Scratch to turn difficult problems into challenging puzzles. It’s all below. Enjoy!

1. Gravity and 3D Effect

The diver sinks to the bottom because of gravity. Raise him with the Up arrow and move him left or right with the arrow keys. Moving him keeps him from sinking because of the counter gravity code in the script. 3D effect: The backdrop is vector, so you can bring the rocks and seaweed to the front as a sprite. With layer code you can move the diver behind the rocks and seaweed. Open the project and click See inside.

Resource 2

The rabbit has to cross a busy motorway to collect carrots in the field opposite. There are cars coming from both directions as you navigate the rabbit across the eight lanes to pick up one carrot at a time and bring it back to this side. Use the arrow keys to cross the motorway, dodge the traffic, collect carrots and survive to win.

Resource 3 

This is a race game with 6 horses on a six-lane track of 12 squares; ten race squares, plus start and finish squares. Each horse is identified by a number and colour that correspond to the six sides of a dice. Two similar dice are used. When a horse’s number is ‘rolled’ the horse of that colour moves one square. If both dice roll the same number, the horse moves two squares.