A Jungle Scene

The Toucan sprite has three costumes by default. Duplicate the costume toucan-b and rename it toucan-d. In the Paint Editor, delete the bird’s legs. We will use costumes c and d to simulate the bird in flight, its legs don’t show until it is just about to land on the branch. Get the Tropical Birds and Squawk sounds from the Sound library.
The bird is standing on the branch facing left. We are in the jungle, so we hear tropical bird sounds. We will code the bird to fly off left and disappear. It will then re-appear, fly back and land on the branch. It will finish facing left and make a squawk sound to prompt the next part of the scene.


In order to have three relatively short scripts, rather than a long one, we use broadcasts (next1 and next2). When the sprite receives next1 the bird flies off to the left and disappears. When it receives next2 it re-appears and flies back to its starting position on the branch. Then it squawks